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It’s true that the quality of professional photos Melbourne widely depends on how well-trained the photographers are, their editing skills, and the lens quality they use. Nevertheless, the poses the subjects try also determine the final outcome of the photos. Wrong poses and incorrect expressions can ruin the entire photography session. Well, posing for fashion photography is overwhelming, especially when you are trying this for the first time. If you feel nervous and unaware of how to pose before lenses, this guide can come in handy for you! Here, we are going to disclose all the posing tricks that can make you look stunning in photos. So, let’s jump into the topic!

5 Excellent Poses to Try During a Photography Session 

Not to mention, the portrait photographers Melbourne always help you decide which pose you should try for the best snaps. However, when you step into the world of fashion or glamour industry, you must inculcate the posing skills within yourself to make the whole photography session smoother, easier, and quicker. In that case, these 5 following poses can help!

The Popular Two-Thirds Turn

Keeping your face directly on the lenses leads to very unnatural snaps. That’s why, while posing for professional photos Melbourne, make sure to try out the two-third head turn. Here, you need to shift the upper side of your body away from the camera a little bit. This pose not only makes you feel more relaxed and comfortable before the lens but also makes you look a lot slimmer than your usual profile.

The Arm Pop-Out Pose  

One common mistake models commit while posing for photo sessions is keeping their arms hanging loose. Well, this can be a comfortable and casual pose, but the outcome you will get will simply knock your mood down. When your arms hang at the sides of your body, it makes your arms look wider and chubbier than your body.

So, letting your hands hang loose during the professional photos Melbourne is a big red flag! Instead, you can try different hand poses, like resting the hands on the hips or lifting it up and keeping it away from your body. Such hand poses make sure that your arms appear smaller than your body, ensuring a more natural look.

Tilt Your Chin Downward For Close Ups

Professional portrait photographers Melbourne always recommend the subjects keep their chin downwards while posing for close-up photoshoots. Well, this might seem an insignificant approach, but can leave a huge impact on the final result. Facing the camera directly can show your double chin, which you would never want, right? Therefore, to prevent your double chin from ruining your portfolio, all you need to do is tilt your chin slightly downward. At the same time, bring your ears forward to the lens.

Simply put, your wars should lean forward from your chin before the lens. This might seem funny as we are somewhat going to feel like a turtle leaning its head from the shell, but you can totally trust the process. Your face will appear slimmer, hiding your double chin.

Don’t Emphasize the Focus on Your Hands 

Well, after reading this, if you feel that you need to put your hands behind your back, you couldn’t be more wrong! However, keeping your hands visible in the photos can put all focus on it, distracting the audience. Also, your arms can look bigger. To avoid such a faux pas, always choose to keep your hands on your waist while posing. If you are posing for casual photo sessions, you can also try to keep one hand behind your head and pose.  

Put Your Weight on the Back Foot 

No matter what body type you have, standing straight and stiffly will spoil your photo. So, instead of holding your body straight before the camera, try out the tilting poses for natural-looking photos. You can keep one foot a little backside and sift your body weight on it. Make sure to hold on to a pose where your shoulder and hip maintain an alignment, and your body is a little bit away from the lens. However, be sure that you do not appear slouching; your goal is not to look stiff.

Wrapping Up 

So, these are the top five postures you can try as a beginner while posing for professional photos Melbourne. The golden rule of posing is not forcing it. When you force a pose, it’s completely visible in the photos, which can affect your portfolio. You can try the postures we have mentioned above in front of your mirror before the final photography session. In case you feel uncomfortable, discuss that with professional photographers, they can guide you with different poses. Always remember, while clicking portraits, you need to reflect your true personality and flaunt all the features you have!

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