Inspection can be a time-consuming task, so to make it simpler for both yourself and the inspector, it is important to prepare your building in advance for inspection.

An inspection will help ensure your building meets all applicable codes, saving both money and reputation by identifying issues before they require costly repairs.

  1. Clean and organize

An inspection can provide an opportunity for homeowners to enhance the appearance and prepare their home for sale. An inspector will conduct an in-depth assessment, covering such features as grounds, structure, roof, exterior walls and doors of their house.

An immaculate house gives off an immediate positive first impression for inspectors and also shows you’ve taken pride in maintaining it. Start with your kitchen, which includes cleaning off grease from the oven and stove vent, followed by all cupboards and drawers in every room of your house.

Home inspectors inspect all major systems within your home, so it’s a wise idea to clear away clutter in rooms and remove items which prevent easy access to these systems. For instance, stacking boxes in front of electrical panels or furnaces prevents an inspector from seeing their controls and assessing their condition.pre purchase inspection melbourne

No matter whether or not repairs have been completed before an inspection, be prepared to negotiate with potential buyers based on its results. If the inspector detects serious defects, you may need to reduce your asking price or make immediate repairs as a result of finding serious flaws in the property.

  1. Replace batteries in smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors

Over time, hot sun, rain, dust and snow will wear away even the highest quality masonry walls and exterior finishes. Paint will deteriorate, mortar joints crack and caulking may rip apart; building inspectors inspect these details when checking structural integrity.

Inspectors must also have access to all areas, including crawl spaces and attic spaces. Items such as boxes or clutter in closets that obstruct access should be cleared away before beginning an inspection; an inspector will require at least three-four feet of clearance in order to access recessed light fixtures, electrical panels and water heaters – the same goes for roof soffits, vents, or roof void hatches for proper inspections.

If an inspector cannot access these areas quickly enough, their entire inspection could be delayed and cost the property owner additional money in the end. That is why it is imperative that property owners follow these steps when preparing for a building inspection.

  1. Remove obstructions

Cleanliness before a building inspection is an obvious requirement; however, many homeowners fail to remember that clutter may hide parts of their house they hadn’t noticed previously and therefore hinder an inspector’s ability to see parts they hadn’t looked at previously.

Long grass can often obscure foundation issues or prevent access to crawl spaces or roof cavities, while stored items like wardrobes and furniture may obscure an inspector’s view of electrical wiring or water heaters.

Many apartment tenants also obstruct fire escapes with objects like flowerpots, mops, buckets and bicycles – potentially impeding escape routes should a fire break out and potentially leading to HPD citations for blocking public hallways. All obstructions should be cleared away prior to an inspection taking place to ensure that it goes as smoothly as possible.

  1. Remove personal items

Ideally, it would be beneficial to get leaky faucets or other issues repaired prior to an inspection, both to avoid potential water damage issues as well as save on utility bills. Inspectors will look for signs of water damage under sinks, around toilets and tubs and near dishwashers and refrigerators.

Make sure the inspector can access any area requiring inspection, such as basements and attics, without obstruction such as clutter like stored items and boxes which might interfere with their efforts.

Make sure that all utilities are functioning and that there are no obstructions for inspection to go smoothly and quickly, such as shed or garage spaces where electrical panels need access, equipment should remain undisturbed or hidden, pets kept indoors during inspections and no moving or hiding of equipment is done without permission. These steps will go a long way toward making your building inspection successful and successful.

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