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Metal is a widely used material for several purposes. Even when we don’t pay much attention, we use metals on a daily basis. If you look around you, half of the world is constructed with the help of metals. When it comes to parts or the surrounding areas, most metropolises use metal for a wide range of purposes.

From steel reinforcement that has been supporting the sky-touching buildings to the simple tin holding the beverages to electric appliances, metal is everywhere. Therefore, it also has a lot of waste on a daily basis. Choosing a company that collects metals and recycles them can be valuable to preserve nature and make the best use of metals. However, it is important to always pay attention to the metal like brass scrap price in Perth offered by the company.

One of the best things about metal compared to any other substances is that metal can be recycled several times. Even when it is recycled, the best part is it does not lose its original abilities. It can be given any practical form to make sure that it can be used for your purposes. It has been checked that recycling aluminium can save a huge amount of energy, which is capable of covering three hours of continuous television. The real value, therefore, can be easily gauged when huge tons of industrial and commercial waste are recycled.

There are tons of other benefits of recycling metal. If your company is regularly associated with metal wastage, it is important to get in touch with a company that has a scrap yard in Canning Vale to pick up the scrap metals and recycle them. It is important that you properly analyse a company before you choose them for recycling. As it is a responsible part of maintaining a greener environment, you need to be very vigilant while choosing a metal recycling agency.

In this article, we will take a look into some of the major facts about recycling that you were not aware of. We are sure these fascinating scrap metal facts will help you to learn a lot about the importance and benefits.

Fascinating facts about scrap metal recycling

  • Creating more jobs: Choosing to recycle metals can be a great step for companies and locals. You will be astonished to know that recycling metal is beneficial for the environment and also local economies. The prime reason is that it creates more job opportunities along with ensuring the maintenance of a sustainable environment by reducing greenhouse emissions.
  • Saving natural resources: Rather than making new metal. From the initial stage, recycling metal can be a valuable procedure. It has been observed that recycling 1 tonne of steel can easily save more than 1 tonne of iron ore, 18 kgs of limestone, and 500 kgs of coal. Therefore, When you start recycling matters, you’re creating a sustainable environment by saving natural resources.
  • Figuring out metal is simple: If you do not have much knowledge about metals, there is a simple trick that you can use. Before you get in touch with the company for scrap metal pick up in Cannington, it is important that you analyse the type of metal you want to recycle. For this, you will require a magnet. If you find a magnet that easily sticks with the metal, it is steel, but if it does not, it is aluminium.
  • Collecting beverage cans can save steel: You will be fascinated to know that recycling beverage cans can be as useful as any other metal. Beverage cans are most commonly made with aluminium with 5% tin cans. Therefore, it can actually help to save a lot of steel metals from recycling these products.
  • Construction projects can be greatly benefited: There is nothing new about the fact that construction requires a lot of metal. Recycling metals can facilitate the need for constructing bridges and roads. These require a lot of metals like aluminium and iron, which can be obtained from recycling these metals.
  • The transportation industry can save a lot: Transportation industries probably require the most amount of metal on a daily basis. This industry mostly uses recycled matter when it comes to creating or constructing aircraft, buses, cars, motorbikes, and bicycles. By using recycled metals, the industry is actually reducing carbon emissions while creating great products.
  • Requirement of less natural resources: As most industries, including transportation and construction industries, have started leveraging the use of recycled metals, it actually requires the mining sector to make lesser use of natural resources. This is, therefore, a sustainable approach which can protect the environment from negative damage.


Undeniably, recycling metal has a great impact on the environment. As more and more industry has started fostering the use of recycled metals, it is becoming and helping to build a greener nation. If you are looking for one such company that can pick up scrap metals, make sure that you are sure of the brass scrap price in Perth offered by them. You can also choose Run About Metal as they are one of the popular companies recycling scrap metals for 20 years. With them, you will be able to get all the details and the best price.

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