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The recent report by the World Health Organisation has given us insightful data on a rather ignored problem worldwide – 619 million people in the world are currently suffering from lower back pain. The number is set to reach 843 million by the year 2050, as per the report. This is a startling figure, one that should make all of us straighten our backs and take notice! If one were to examine the growing back problems in the world, especially among young adults, they’ll find the deeply entrenched sedentary lifestyle the primary cause behind it. Of course, there are plenty of reasons an individual develops back pain such as a fall or exercise injury, prolonged illness, and inexplicable weight reduction problems to name a few. In this case, relying on pain-relief medicines is not a great idea. Instead, Ayurvedic treatment for back pain would serve you much better.

Why should you get your back pain treated with Ayurveda?

Back pain is referred to as a shooting pain in the lumbar region of the spine or pain between the coccyx and buttocks. The pain in case of the latter is called lower back pain, an affliction suffered by most people. Obesity and physical inactivity are the most common reasons behind lower back pain. You’ll see many people in Sydney suffering from this problem. That’s why many are turning to Ayurvedic treatment in Sydney to get themselves rid of back pain.

Here’s why you should get an Ayurvedic treatment for your nagging back pain.

  • Natural products: Ayurveda is an ancient system of medicine that believes in using natural elements to heal the human body and mind. Ayurvedic medicine and therapy consists of fully natural ingredients like herbs, natural oils and medicinal plant extracts to implement a natural healing solution.
  • Harmless: Ayurvedic treatment for back pain is completely harmless. As the medicines and herbal concoctions are prepared from naturally sourced ingredients, they are relatively free of side-effects. Even cases of allergies are negligible. Ayurvedic massage treatments like Abhyanga are highly effective when it comes to treating back pain.
  • Targeted Action: When the Ayurveda health care practitioners massage your back with essential oils and herbal preparations, the medicinal fluid seeps deep into your tissues in back and brings a relaxing effect on the stressed nerves. This targeted action results in improved blood flow and the pain is healed in no time.
  • Long-lasting effect: The beauty of Ayurveda lies in its long-term focus on wellbeing and in its philosophy of eliminating toxins to remove the very source of affliction. It recognises different body types based on the disturbance of three natural elements i.e. the Vata, Pitta, and Kapha.  The herbal formulations are thus tailored to treat specific doshas and produce long-lasting relief.
  • Reinvigorating Recovery: Taking modern medicine for relieving back pain may bring quick results at first but it is only a momentary remedy. The pain will surface as the effect of medicine wears off. However, with Ayurveda, the results are reinvigorating. It not only relieves you of pain but also improves circulation of blood and lymph, recharging your whole system.

Rising Opportunities for Ayurvedic treatment in Sydney

People in Sydney are slowly realising the benefits of Ayurveda and joining the growing movement for holistic wellbeing. It has piqued the interest of the residents of Sydney in particular due to the following factors.

  • Growing Acceptance: People are increasingly looking for natural and holistic approaches to health and wellness. Ayurveda’s emphasis on balance and root treatment aligns with this trend. Many individuals in Sydney are turning to Ayurvedic therapies to address a wide range of health issues including chronic back pain.
  • Online Testimonials: The reviews of Ayurvedic treatment in Sydney are glowing. Patients who have experienced the benefits of Ayurvedic treatments are sharing their success stories online. They are influencing others in turn to explore this ancient healing system. Positive testimonials build trust and credibility. It encourages more people to try Ayurvedic therapies and treatments.
  • New clinics: Ayurvedic facilities are coming up all over Sydney. This is fuelled by the growing demand for alternative treatments in the city. These facilities offer a wide range of services. These include consultations, Panchakarma therapies, herbal treatments, and dietary guidance. The presence of more clinics makes Ayurveda more accessible to the local population which is further promoting its growth.

Key Takeaway

The WHO report on growing lower back pain development among adults across the globe should jolt us into action. The sedentary lifestyle we have adopted and the physically inactive cycle we find ourselves trapped in has led to the proliferation of these problems. Modern medicine is not equipped to deal with chronic lower back pain. At best it will suppress the effect of the pain for a while. To achieve long-lasting action on back pain, we need concrete actions. Ayurvedic treatment in Sydney has shown the way forward in providing a comprehensive relief from back pain.

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