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Sharks are dangerous marine species and are known to attack and kill when people take to the sea waters. However, whale shark tours are not shallow water ocean life and are mostly found in big water bodies such as an ocean. Whales are another big sea life which is gigantic in appearance. 

They too were responsible for sinking merchant ships in the past era. There are many kinds of sharks and whales that are described in marine biology and there are this breed of sea living mammals that are big but harmless, they are vegetarian. Whale sharks are found in the Pacific and you can see them by undertaking a premier whale shark tour from La Paz, Mexico.

The whales in contention are found in the crystal clear waters of the sea of Cortez, and you can actually swim with them while taking a dip into the sea waters. People flock to this part of the world just to watch these giants swimming over their heads while snorkeling. 

Details about Swimming with whale sharks

Whale sharks are harmless and it is possible for you to swim with them. There is another advantage for you if you are on a vacation in La Paz that is to swim with sea lions.  Sea lions are called so because of the whiskers they have on their face and the four flippers representing legs. 

Unlike the savannah lions in Africa these are harmless. The tour to La Paz beaches will also include “swimming with sea lions” and actually you can. These are big creatures weighing more than 300 kg and are mostly found in the pacific. 

You can visit them at isle Espiritu Santo and play with them because they are responsive and will play with you. Swimming with whale sharks is automatically added when you sign up for an Espiritu Santo Island tour.

Whale sharks live in environment-protected seas

The whale shark tour in La Paz is carried out by luxury yachts or catamarans. These are five-star rated sea trips that take you close to sea mammals that are gigantic. The bay of La Paz is attractive geographically because it is made up of desert sands and mountains and clubbed with the turquoise blue waters of the pacific.

La Paz, Espiritu Santo Island, Partida Island and other nearby islands have the same geographical features thus separating them from others and looking unique to tourists and natives. The islands here are made with rocks formed by volcanic activities thus look red and unique. 

Here the desert meets the sea and that is one in a million architectural marvels by nature. The island of Espiritu and the sea of Cortez of this land segment are preserved by world heritage organizations such as UNESCO hence are kept in pristine conditions.

How much does a whale shark weigh?

Whale sharks are of gigantic size and they can weigh about 11 tons or more. They can be 40-feet in length and in some cases they could weigh more than 20 tons and grow over 80-90 feet. Such sizes are not found near the La Paz beaches but in the deep sea waters that are miles away from the shore. 

You can book a tour for a day which lasts about 9 hours and the tour operator will ensure that you are picked up from your hotel or home in La Paz and taken to the Marina Palmira in ground transportation. 

On board you can relax on the spacious deck that can accommodate 50 people in a day time party. However you can book the yacht or catamaran for overnight or a few days for complete La Paz experience and also the nearby islands.

Hire luxury yacht or catamaran to find whale sharks

Onboard you are treated royally and served with a variety of breakfast and lunch items consisting of grilled meat, chicken, cheese, sodas, beer, other beverages, cocktails, and snacks. There will be an open bar from where you can fetch your favorite drink and relax on the trampoline, cushions and pillows deployed on the deck. 

On board the luxury yacht you will be served with exquisite sea food cooked by a chef who accompanies the tour party. You will be served by a crew consisting of a captain, engineer, marine biologist and deck hand. The Swimming with whale sharks sea of Cortez is relatively calm and allows you to swim, dive, and explore the sea and its contents. 

You can access wetsuit, snorkel and scuba diving equipment from the deck and also flippers and other accessories from the deck. You can take a kayak or dinghy and sail across the shallow water to reach land which is white and contrasted by the red desert mountains and sand dunes. 

For the best ride of your life on sea, you can opt for Baja Charters, La Paz to provide you with a luxury trip to spot whale sharks and swim with them.  You can book your tour on phone numbers, Mexico Phones to get confirmation.

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